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One reason I started Street Photography - The Humans of Cuba

In 2013 I spent two weeks travelling around Cuba. I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people, but at the same time shocked by their poorness.

After this trip I decided to take street photography more serious and to photograph and document life on the streets whenever it is possible.

  • Street Photography Inspiration - Series

    Elliott Erwitt, best known for his black and white candid shots of ironic and absurd situations, also shot some photo series. This one is definetely a good inspiration in order to hopefully see and to predict stories on the streets more easily. Photo …

    My personal best street shot in 2015

    I took my personal best street shot in April 2015 at the annual fun fair in Cologne, Germany. I shot several photos that day (see series below), but this one is my favourite, followed by the girl eating Lasagne.