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The 5 best places in Cologne for Street Photography

Cologne is an exceptionally good destination for street photography. There is a balanced mix of architecturally designs (sometimes more and sometimes less pretty) and a lot of nature, because the River Rhine is always in reach.

1. A lot going on - Hohe Strasse

One of the busiest and narrowest shopping streets I know. The High Street starts at the cathedral and leads all the way across the center of Cologne and finally ends across Schildergasse at Neumarkt. For those who focus on anonymity and like to dive into the crowd with their camera, this is the right place on a busy Saturday.

Starting Point: Station Dom / HBF or Neumarkt
Topics: Shop windows, people on the move

2. Architectural - Rheinauhafen

The Rheinauhafen with its crane houses is the most modern "district" in Cologne. If you like modern architectural elements this is the right place. Go there on a sunny day to have nice shadows and lighting effects. Simply search for a good spot and wait for a person to complete the picture. But be careful, because there are so many offices, there is not always a lot going on, sometimes you wait quite a long time for a suitable subject, but when you have found one, its mostly the only one in the picture.

Starting Point: Station Ubierring
Topics: Light and shadow, individual Persons

3. On the other side - Deutz Kennedy Banks

 On the right hand side of the River Rhine, called the Schälsick (cologne - german for "scheele / wrong"), lays the Deutz district. Here you have beautiful views over the old town of Cologne, the Cathedral and Hohenzollern Bridge. You will find newspaper reading, music listening or sleeping people. Since the bank looks exactly towards the west, there is, especially in spring and autumn, a very low sun - perfect for silhouettes! 

Starting Point: Station Heumarkt or Dom / HBF
Topics: Silhouettes, Individuals 

4. Multicultural - District Mülheim, Ehrenfeld or Nippes 

The real life takes place in the "Veedel" (Cologne German for district). Here you will find the more "interesting" individuals. As cologne citizens rarely leave their district, I recommend visiting on a Saturday, because then all the shops and restaurants are open and everybody is out on the streets. Sunday is or can be, depending on the weather, sometimes relatively quiet. 

Starting points: Mülheim: Wiener Platz, Ehrenfeld: Piusstrasse, Nippes: Flora Street
Topics: Individuals, Cafes and Bars 

5. Old vs. New: Central Station and the new North-South Metro Stations 

Cologne Central Station is, with about 280,000 travellers each day, one of the busiest and biggest main stations in Germany and always very crowded. However, anyone who has a desire to enrich the venerable and architecturally charming station with stand-alone and waiting people, I do not recommend visiting in the morning or evening hours but more on a Sunday. From there you can easily access within just a few minutes the new metro stations "Rathaus" and "Heumarkt" (Subway Line 5)  The very modern and expansive build stations are perfect for lonely individuals. Because this new metro line is not completely finished, there is not much going on, yet. 

Starting point: Breslauer Platz or Dom / HBF
Topics: Architecture, Travellers